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The Swans

The Swans: Embracing Nature's Beauty"


In the heart of the Rhine, "The Swans" project unveils a serene tribute to nature's elegance. These captivating images invite you to lose yourself in the graceful dance of swans upon tranquil waters. With each glance, simplicity becomes an art, and the chaos of life fades, leaving only a deep connection between humanity and the natural world. Join us in this enchanting journey, where time stands still, and the allure of the swans' presence reignites an appreciation for the serene moments that surround us.



Edition of 30 each

Size 60 x 45 cm

Hahnemühle Fineart Baryta

Passpartout natural white 8cm

Frame Material and colour on request

Created 2023


Alexander Palacios


"Unlock the Ultimate Serenity: The Swans - Version 6

Exclusively available to esteemed collectors who have embraced the entire journey. Complete your collection, embody the essence of nature's grace."

The Swans

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