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The dance with the devil

Tanz mit dem Kapitalismus
Der Tanz mit dem Teufel

In the streets of the modern world we dance an endless tango with the devil called capitalism. A tempting partner who ensnares us with the promise of wealth and success, but at the same time can plunge us into an abyss of greed and loss. This dance partner seduces us with glittering promises while slowly but surely alienating us from our true values ​​and relationships

I once knew a woman named Ava who dedicated her entire life to the pursuit of wealth and power. She was like a ship that blindly followed the call of money without ever stopping to reconsider its course. Her friends were only shadows that she saw in the flickering light of the stock market, and her husband and children were only important for their reputation among her friends. She drowned her frustration with alcohol.

Ava's story is just one of many in this modern tragedy in which people sell their humanity in exchange for the glamor of wealth. But while capitalism promises and has brought prosperity and peace on the one hand, one must not forget that, on the other hand it opens the gates to hell (without control). Because the state and its politicians also want to nibble on the sweet nectar and in the end they usually can't resist. Capitalism undermines the state, undermines it and is usually ahead of its time, as the free market economy has specialists who are constantly coming up with new methods to create fictitious values ​​out of thin air. The problem at this moment is that he can only always react to new methods and never act.

Thus, we experience again and again on our planet how wars are waged in the name of freedom, democracy, values ​​and moral demands. Pay close attention to the "wording" of wars when we wage a war for our interests or when a war is waged against our interests. In reality, wars are probably 99% about power interests and resources, that is the only currency that counts. Human lives, depending on which country or religion they belong to, only play a secondary role for a world power. Human life is only put in the foreground if you want the general public (the people) to stand behind your actions. That's why we have TV, which always wants to show us our moral compass. I think it is this double standard that many people notice and are increasingly distancing themselves from politics, supporting extreme parties or feeling alienated from democracy.

I just think of the recent events, financial crisis, Corona, war in Ukraine, war in Israel, war in Afghanistan, war in Syria that are shaking our western world. Places where stories are erased because of their own interests!

It's like we're all attending a dark masquerade ball where money is the only currency that matters. But in the midst of this deceptive glow, we often forget that it is the relationships that truly make us rich. Friendship, love and solidarity are the true treasures that no bank account can ever replace.

Don't get me wrong, capitalism is great, it brought us all this! Also the possibility to write this text. However, and this is important, there needs to be rules and an incorruptible policy and a court that controls these laws and is recognized by all states in the world.

Can you stop the dance with the devil or will you only become aware of it in your deathbed?

Best regards straight outta Basel

Alexander Palacios


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