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Life as an artist....

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As an artist, life is a constant journey through feelings, confrontation with yourself, your ideals, fears, your own sense of justice and the constant search for inspiration. We are characterized by a deep empathy that allows us to see the world through different eyes and to be enthusiastic about the things that others often overlook. But with this special gift also come challenges that sometimes push us to our limits. Loneliness, loss, existential fears and doubts can pull us into a dark hole and stop us from our creative process. But the world's most successful artists have one thing in common: they have learned to accept these challenges as part of their journey and use them as inspiration for their work.

They have learned to integrate their fears and doubts into their art and thereby create an impressive self-portrait of their soul. They have the ability to channel their emotions into their works, making them true masterpieces. To be successful, artists must work hard, be persistent and never let the fire in their heart go out. They must be willing to take risks and pursue their dreams. These artists also have incredible passion for their work and an unwavering belief in themselves.

If you want to support an artist, do it from the heart. Buy their work, share their story and show them that their art matters and that they are seen and heard. Every artist, regardless of their success, needs to feel like their work is valued. Let an artist's art inspire you and touch your heart. Give them your attention and help them achieve their dreams. Because every artist deserves to be heard and appreciated.

Best regards straight outta Basel

Alexander Palacios


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