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Black Friday 2023

The trip starts on Friday, November 24th and ends on Sunday, November 26th

Welcome to an extraordinary Black Friday experience!

In my artistic cosmos, I present to you a selection of photographs, limited editions, and unique masterpieces.

The curtain rises for this special event, and exclusively for you, the code BF20-2023 is ready to grant you a regal 20% discount.

As Sam Keller might articulate, step into a world where each artwork tells a story, and every capture is a masterpiece in itself. Gagosian couldn't stage it better – these works are not just art; they are an expression of a unique artistic vision.

In the spirit of Schiller, poetic words may linger in the air as you contemplate these pieces, encouraging contemplation and imparting a poetic atmosphere to your space. Use the code BF20-2023 to bring a piece of this artistic synergy into your home and let me become part of your family.

Looking forward to welcoming you into my creative universe!

With inspired regards,

Alexander Palacios


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